Coconut Caramel


The Coconut Caramel is a truly excellent addition to a variety of desserts. You can use it on some of your favorites like ice cream and pound cake. It does excellently well when it is drizzled over ice cream and caramelized bananas for a sundae. This is what you call a sweet condiment with a mix of sugar, butter, coconut milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. This would be a great way to end dinner. It does not just go on your sugary treats, so do not hesitate to brush Coconut Caramel onto some grilled fruit or stir into your favorite hot chocolate!


*Great for drizzling on ice cream or hot cocoa, good dipping sauce for fruit (caramel apples anyone) delicious shortcake topping


Coconut Milk

Storage Instructions

  • Please Keep Sauces Refrigerated at All Times
  • Please Only Use Clean Utensils at All Times
  • Please Remove Any Food Debris from Sauces Before Storing
  • Sauces Can Be Kept for Up to 8 weeks Once Properly Refrigerated


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