Tamarind Pepper Jelly


We know you’re tired of tasting dishes that could use a lil’…pow! We’re talking about turning classics into foods that serve more than Zendaya on the red carpet. We mean becoming part of the flavor fam and never moving out! Long story short? A friend grew far too many jalapeños than they knew what to do with, so we got creative. We made a plain pepper jelly and switched it up by adding Caribbean favorites like vibrant scotch bonnet peppers and rich tamarind. At that moment, our Tamarind Pepper Jelly was born! It’s an alluring blend of sweet with a punch of peppery heat balanced with a mild mix of green bell peppers. We featured it at a pop-up, and people were obsessed! Plus, it pairs with just about anything, especially fried foods and seafood. Empanadas anyone? How about firing up that popcorn shrimp instead? Don’t just stand there! Get to cookin’!


*Sweet & Spicy Condiment best used as a dipping sauce. Great for seafood & fried foods. Also great on burgers.


Jalapeno Peppers
Scotch Bonnets
Green Bell Peppers
Tamarind Pulp
Fruit Pectin

Storage Instructions

  • Please Keep Sauces Refrigerated at All Times
  • Please Only Use Clean Utensils at All Times
  • Please Remove Any Food Debris from Sauces Before Storing
  • Sauces Can Be Kept for Up to 8 weeks Once Properly Refrigerated


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