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Chris & Angie

Co-Founders of Thymeless Catering

Our History

Thymeless Catering Inc. is founded by two professionally trained chefs, and college friends Angelique Kingston and Christina Perotte.  Molded by our Haitian and Guyanese upbringing, we wanted to show the world the depths and reach of Caribbean cuisine. Fusing our culinary training and world travels with engrained traditions from our Caribbean heritage, we aim to deliver an experience that will keep our clientele coming back thyme after thyme.

Before creating Thymeless Catering, we started off hosting dinner parties and eventually transformed into a full-service catering company, specializing in personal chef services and  intimate dinner parties. The height of the pandemic led us to find alternative methods to continue to grow our business; and thus, we decided to bottle and sell our Caribbean inspired artisan sauces and condiments!


Thymeless Catering Inc. aspires to broaden our clients’ culinary horizons by redefining their opinion of traditional Caribbean food. Combining our passion for food, world travels and family traditions we aspire to take your tastebuds on a world tour.


We aim to deliver an experience proven to remain with our clients until the end of thyme. By highlighting our fusion techniques and personally diversifying each experience our goal is to impact this world one taste bud at a time and be remembered for years to come.


We strive to grow our business with integrity by serving quality food, providing exceptional service, and continuing to find new ways to give back and service our black communities.

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